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Hobie 18 Line Lengths

Hobie 18
Production start date: September 1976
Out of production as of 2003

Hobie 18

Dominique Robichaud and Diane Cote, Amqui, Quebec, Canada
Hobie 18 Hobie 18
Line Lengths for the Hobie 18
LocationLine Size/TypeLengthQuantity
Aft Tramp Lace Line1/4" Halyard15'2 ea.
Center Tramp Lace Line1/4" Halyard19'1 ea.
Mast Rotation Line3/16" Halyard3'1 ea.
Downhaul Line3/16" Halyard5'1 ea.
Boom Outhaul Line3/16" Halyard7'1 ea.
Boom Outhaul Shock Cord1/4" Shock Cord7'1 ea.
Main Halyard Line1/4" Yacht58'1 ea.
Mainsheet Line7/16" Spun Braid48'1 ea.
Jibsheet Line5/16" Spun Braid44'1 ea.
Jib Tensioner Line3/16" Yacht6'1 ea.
Jib Halyard Line1/8" Flag Halyard20'1 ea.
Jib Furler Line1/8" Flag Halyard17'1 ea.
Jib Luff Tensioner1/8" Flag Halyard5'6"1 ea.
Jibsheet Tangle Preventer1/4" Shock Cord5'6"1 ea.
Centerboard Line3/16" Yacht3'2 ea.
Trapeze Adjustment Line1/4" Yacht5'4 ea.
Trapeze Shock Cord1/4" Shock Cord with 1 Loop7'4 ea.
Batten Tie Down1/12" Flag Halyard1'5"1 per batten
Daggerboard Handles7/16" Spun Braid2'6"2 ea.
Daggerboard Shock Cord1/4" Shock Cord3'10"2 ea.
Storage Cover Line5/16" Spun Braid1'7"2 ea.

Good things to know when owning a Hobie 18

  • Be gentle when raising and lowering the mast, due to the mast base hinge.

Good things to have when owning a Hobie 18

  • Mast base pin: to raise and lower the mast

Things that invariably need changing

  • Aluminum rudder pins
  • Rudder cams
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