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2015 mid winters west NOR

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hosted by Fleets 51, 88 and Division 2 on Lake Mohave, NV, October 20-26, 2012

Hobie 17 / Hobie 18 North American Championships  

Cottonwood Cove Resort, Lake Mohave, NV

October 21-26, 2012

Contact: David Martin  702-301-6210
Monday Report:
Today, Monday...we went to the North Basin and it went nuclear almost immediately. We had an average of 24 kts and the gusts were pumping up to 34kts out of the SSE at 150 degrees in a very large fetch. We had 2 boats turtle and one wash up on the NW shore, drop the sail to be towed in. We fly AP over H and sent the fleets to the beach. The wind increased thought the early afternoon and by 3pm we fly AP over A, no racing today. Tomorrow is forecast to be more reasonable, still out of the south and we will attempt the south basin. The issue with a south wind and the south basin is the 22 mile fetch and what it brings, 4 x 4 waves, that is 4 ft x 4 ft...more to come from the Signal Boat.

Tuesday Report:
Started on time, 1st shape 1100...wind 12-18 knots gusts to 24 knots, bearing mark 1.0 nautical, course 1, wave heights 2-3 feet. Elapsed time was 35:40 for 18's and 33 :00 for 17's.
Second race, course 2, wind average 16 knots same direction, distance to weather mark same...elapsed time 39:10 for 18's and 42:00 for 17's.
Third race, course 2, wind went right to 150...elapsed time 40:42 for 17's and 38:28 for the 18s.
Fourth race, wind felt to be doing its afternoon drop, shifted back to 130 and we went to a course 1. Wind came back on strong and the elapsed times were 27:45 for the 17's and 29:30 for the 18's.
Fifth race, wind steady from 140...average speed 16 knots all day, course 2...elapsed times 41:14 for the 17's and 39:55 for the 18's.
Mark & Tiffany Lewis - 5 Pts
Steve & Lauren Myer - 10 Pts
Mike Monteque & John Schultless - 15 Pts

Phil Collins - 4 Pts
Matt Bounds - 8 Pts
Wayne Mooneyham - 20 Pts
Wednesday Report:

From the Signal Boat
Day 3
No racing today. Sat on the water all day with the fleet. Attempted a start then a restart and then started a race only to abandon and send them home under tow.
Wind started light and variable from 140 degrees and we set a 0.6 nm weather leg at 140 and started the sequence approx 30 min late only to AP prior to the start.
Wind went to 190-200 and we picked up all the equipment, moved and reset at 0.6 nm and 200 degrees...started the sequence for a course 1 only to abandon again prior to the start.

Picked up the equipment only to have the wind fill back in from 190 and we reset to 190 at 0.6 nm with a course 1 and 4-6 kts only to abandon the race with N over A sending the competitors home at 1530...home under tow that is.
Did I mention the forecast was for 10-15 out of the NW? Well, that never materialized.
Tomorrow is another day.
Forecast is for 20-25 out of the North.

Thursday Report:

Sorry for the delay, we had some Internet issues last night...
From the Signal Boat
Day 4
We had 5 races today...wind averaged 16 kts from 335 all day. Hit the dock at 1630.
There was a lot of carnage today...we had one Hobie 18 have its Port hull break off totally at the front crossbar...we had a few collisions, one requiring the crew be sent to the marina on one of our support boats and air lifted to Las Vegas...she is okay...mild concussion...we had a number of boats flip...turtle...break other various parts requiring visits to the shorelines for was an adventurous day...
The leaders remain the same with the top two in each fleet separating themselves from their respective competition. Last race was an upwind finish at the top of the lake just before the cut leading into the marina.
Tomorrow's forecast is still up in the air...everything from getting blown out to the some more of the same.

Friday Report:
From the Signal Boat

Day 5
No racing today. Wind was 25-30 kts out of the North...air temp was in the low 60's an so was the water. And that was at 0900. Forecast was for a building breeze with gusts 40-50kts. The wind here has been consistently to the extreme of the forecast...either way, heavier or we flew AP over A before anyone attempted to leave the beach. No one was disappointed. 

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Lake Mohave sailing

Lake Mohave sailing

Lake Mohave sailing